April 2016:  1797 British Siege and Defense of San Juan, Puerto Rico / Reenactment Official Site

Historical preamble 

Old San Juan is a well preserved historical site. Settled in 16th Century, it was highly defended during the Spanish domination for its strategic geographical position. Old San Juan is a walled city with the largest fortifications in the Antilles and highly coveted by Spain’s enemies. Besieged by the British Royal Navy in April 1797, it was nearly conquered by the British crown in a fifteen-days battle. However, Old San Juan was well defended by the colonial forces, especially by the Fixed Regiment of Puerto Rico, a military corps of soldiers born in the Island.


 General Event Program  2016 will be announced later



Reenactors will lodge at Ballajá Cultural Center, formerly Ballajá Barracks, located within the reenactment scenario in the Old San Juan at no cost.



Some meals will be covered by the sponsors.


Air Transportation from East USA

Direct flights to San Juan departs from Baltimore, NYJFK, Dulles, Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, and Hartford, among others.  Puerto Rico is a domestic flight for US citizens.


About Old San Juan

Reenactors will have an extraordinary opportunity to live inside a beautiful, well preserved, walled colonial city in the Caribbean. Every part of the city is at walking distance, including Castillo San Cristobal and Castillo del Morro. These sites are two of the most important fortifications in the Spanish Caribbean. Very known commercial establishments are located within the city. Great nightlife full of music and arts is very common in weekends.  Average temperature is about 85ºF.



A contribution fee of $30 will be required to non-members  of the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico.


Contact us

Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico, Inc.

PO Box 9023406, San Juan, PR 00902-3406



Contact Officials: Mr. Pedro Rodríguez or  Ms. Magaly Pérez

We are available to answer your questions about the event. Please call regimientofijodepuertorico@gmail.com. You can also send a text message or call 787-370-9509 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST.

1797British Siege and Defense of San Juan, Puerto Rico"An unique reenactment in the Caribbean"April 2016Commemoration
Asedio británico y defensa de San Juan, Puerto Rico